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Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun.

By Any Means Necessary.

6 December 1967
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Legally married gay male (Husband is norcalpaco) living in San Jose, California. I used to work for a software testing company that focused primarily on games, which was right up my ally, but they closed their doors at the end of January 2003. I have done time with Maxis, Sony (Playstation 2) and untold many "open" Betas online. I am a Game Tester by trade and a Game Player by design. After almost 10 years in the testing field, I decided to go into business for myself. I collect action figures, video games and porn, in that order. Also very 420 friendly. Hell, he's my best bud sometimes!
I suppose I should say something about what you would expect to find should you decide to read this journal. I am an opinionated, hard headed and somewhat disagreeable asshole. I am also a very caring and loving person. I hate a lot of things about this world. I love a lot of things about this world. I find life terrifying. I find death even scarier. What I say in my LJ is exactly what I think, the good, the bad, the ugly. I don't even ask that you agree with me, but be adult about it. I also post naked pictures, not of myself, just sometimes. Just know that clicking on a cut or link in my LJ should pretty much always be considered NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Besides, what the fuck are you reading LJ at work for? That's NOT what they are paying you to do.

I fancy myself an armchair critic and will review pretty much anything I come in contact with - Books, Movies, TV, Video Games.. whatever. It's a hobby. One of those "What would you like to be when you grow up?" "A Critic!" things...

My Motto - Respect the Elders That Deserve It, Teach the Young That Want It, Cooperate with the Family, Play when you can, Work when you should, Rest in between. Share your Affection, Voice your Feelings, Leave your Mark. (Originated by the meerkats. They are more wise than you know)

Owner of gaycomicgeeks